Full-service law firm

LakiMajakka Oy is a full-service law firm in general law, with comprehensive experience and expertise in all areas of law. We provide legal expert services for the needs of private persons, SMEs and associations.

The focus areas of our operations include business law, families’ financial affairs, affairs related to owning and leasing real estate and apartments, tax affairs, preparation and examination of contracts, compensation of damages, debt collection, issues related to labour law and criminal law.

On this page, we will introduce the focus areas of our legal services in more detail.

General pricing principles

LakiMajakka Oy provides legal expert services for a reasonable, open price. The initial negotiations mapping the problem and service needs are always free of charge. The initial negotiations can be conducted by phone, e-mail or at the office.

The basis for pricing for different assignments is time-based hourly fees, which are based on the time used on the case. The hourly fee is 190 €/hour. Value added tax (24%) will be added to the price. Hourly fee including value added tax is 235,60 € / hour. Our Term of Payment is 14 days from the date of invoice. In cases of delayed payment, the interest for delayed payment shall be determined according to the Interest Act.

Legal aid

LakiMajakka Oy also manages cases of legal aid. Legal aid refers to cases where the client can receive a legal assistant for managing a legal affair, paid completely or partially by the state. Legal aid covers all legal affairs. Receiving legal aid is determined by the income, expenses, assets and maintenance obligations of the applicant. Also the income and expenses of spouses or unmarried partners shall be taken into consideration. We will also determine the client's rights to free legal aid on their behalf. We are happy to prepare a legal aid application on behalf of the client.

Families' financial affairs

We provide legal expertise based on extensive experience and first-class professional skill in affairs concerning families’ financial assets at different points of the human lifespan. Our firm provides counselling in families’ financial affairs and prepares documents related to family and inheritance law, such as prenuptial agreements, agreements between unmarried couples, estate inventories and wills. We also manage assignments related to maintenance affairs and estate distribution.

Owning and leasing real estate and apartments

We provide legal services related to owning and leasing real estate and apartments. We will prepare the sales documents and leasing contracts. We also manage sales errors, termination of leases and evictions.

Business law

The lawyers in our office have comprehensive expertise in business law.  We assist our clients in a versatile manner with different kinds of business law cases, such as establishing a company and accounting. In addition, we provide advice with issues concerning corporate and tax legislation.

Preparation and examination of contracts

Our lawyers are experienced experts in contract law. We prepare and examine contracts both for private people and companies.

Compensation of damages

We advise and assist private persons and corporate clients with all issues related to compensation of damages, such as damage to property, personal injuries or damage to possessions.

Debt collection

We manage all assignments related to debt collection for private persons and companies. We implement collection assignments with professional skills, high quality and cost efficiency.

Labour law issues

The lawyers in our firm are professionals in labour law. We provide help for private persons and companies in all matters one may encounter during the employment relationship that require expertise in labour law. We prepare employment contracts and other labour law documents and assist and consult in issues related to employment relationships, working hours, holidays or hiring.

Criminal affairs

Our trustworthy lawyers assist with all kinds of criminal affairs, both victims of a crime and criminal suspects. In addition to private persons, we also investigate criminal affairs within companies. We support the client throughout the criminal process, starting from the preliminary investigation. We commit to managing each criminal justice case with professional skill and dignity.

Tax affairs

Managing tax law affairs is one of the areas of expertise of our firm. In tax affairs, our clients will be served by our authorised attorney Martti Nieminen, who is a university lecturer specialised in tax law in Business Law and Tax Law Studies at the University of Tampere School of Management. Our tax services for corporate clients and private persons include tax consulting, tax counselling and tax planning. In addition, we prepare appeals and manage complaint issues related to taxation.